From Open Roads to Open Source

Individual transport with one's own car has developed so successfully because roads are connected with each other. From motorways to driveways so that you can get from A to B seamlessly. This seamless experience is missing with alternative forms of mobility. Many alternatives are already offered, but they are not connected to one another and are not easily and centrally accessible for the user. This is what we want to change. This is what drives us. 


Connecting Local Mobility

We belief local mobility needs to be managed on a local level. However it needs to be easily accessible also by non-local users using non-local digital services. Digital mobility hubs should do exactly this. It connects local mobility services with Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) providers like
mobility apps, travel providers and other mobile related services

Connecting with a Standard

One of the challenges in the mobility sector is the lack of standards. The TOMP working group has developed an API specification over the past few years, which we consider to be the best candidate for a future standard. The TOMP-API is the standardized technical interface between MaaS providers and transport companies.


Connecting easily

We are developing an open source white label app. It is connected to the mobility hub and can be used as the basis for your own local apps. Alternatively, of course, existing MaaS solutions can also integrate the mobility hub with their own app.